ICSE Results

Shri Balaji International School aims to provide the best possible quality education for its students. Along with the regular classes, our teachers extend all the assistance needed to let our students improves upon their grades in the school. We also help out in providing the best possible channel of communication with the parents and the students. The entire teaching team right from the Principal, Vice Principal to the teaching staff put in every possible effort to provide the highest quality of learning and knowledge.

This effort from the teaching staff at Shri Balaji International School yields amazing results for the school. Our ICSE Form 10 students have received the best possible help in their studies and practical knowledge. This has blended with their own hard work and dedication, to give a tremendous boost to their Form 10 scores.

Form 10 breaches the 100% benchmark

For any school, the result achieved by the student speaks of their capability as an education institution. And at Shri Balaji International School we keep the benchmark really high. The outcome is the cent percent result our students have scored at the 2015-16 ICSE examinations. Out of these, 19 students have scored 90% and above. Considering the challenging syllabus and difficult set up of the ICSE examination, this happy result is no mean feat.

Our students get access to a great infrastructure. From the principal to the entire teaching staff rallying behind each and every student ensuring that the students start planning and preparing for their ICSE exams from Form 8 itself. The two-year headset leads seamlessly to their preparation for the Form 10 examinations.

We also carry all-round internal assessments throughout the year to make certain, that the level of preparedness remains consistent. Students are encouraged to approach the teachers anytime in order to seek clarifications on their doubts, issues, or questions they may have on any topic in any subject. Our teachers stand firmly with the students ensuring continuous assistance irrespective of their marks or grades in the previous examinations. This gives all our students a level playing field to study hard and work towards passing the ICSE examinations with flying colours.

A heartiest congratulations to all the students who passed the ICSE exams. We will strive to meet this benchmark every year with unflinching dedication towards providing an excellent level of ICSE education at Shri Balaji International School.