The Academic year comprises of two terms:
- First term from June to October
- II Term from Nov to April (followed by the Summer Vacation)
Each period is of 45 minutes duration, 8 periods a day and five days a week.
The curriculum has a healthy mix of formal and informal education which enhances an all round development and growth of a child. While teaching the children the 3 R’s-
reading , writing and arithmetic ,they are also encouraged to participate in various group activities.

This helps them, to interact and build relationships at various levels. At the pre-primary stage the children are extremely vulnerable and sensitive, and therefore to ensure the physical, emotional and mental growth of the children, they are
exposed to bonding activities like singing , games,
playacting, field trips , celebration of different
festivals, puppet shows, and cultural events,
Grandparent's Day, pet day, Annual Shows.
At this level the children are encouraged to become aware of their world, to learn and develop basic concepts of Language, Mathematics ,Hindi, Marathi, (Science, Social Studies III, IV) and to recognize the interaction and interdependence between different subjects.
Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Physical Education and Yoga are part of the curriculum and help to develop creativity, logical thinking, aesthetic sense, positive attitude and physical fitness. In the Primary Section we have 4 Unit tests and Internal Tests.
In the Secondary Section we have two comprehensive examinations and two unit tests and internal tests.
Subjects taught in Forms 5 and 6 are English, Hindi, Marathi, History/Civics , Geography, Science, Mathematics. The curriculum also includes Art, Craft, Yoga, Physical Education and Music.

Forms 7 to 10 - Subjects taught are : English, Hindi, History Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Biology

Marathi is a compulsory subject up to Form 7 . The curriculum also includes SUPW, Scouts/Guides and Physical Education.

Forms 9 and 10 follow the I.C.S.E. syllabus. We offer a choice between Computer Application, Technical Drawing Application and Art and Physical Education.

The school encourages hobbies and talents and the students are involved in a variety of activities ranging from Dramatics , Debates, Quizzing , Elocutions, Music, Dancing, Rangoli, Mehandi, Tie and Dye Calligraphy, Ceramic Painting , Embroidery, Soft toy making and social service.