Admissions for classes Nursery to class 9 are opened during the first three months of new academic year and during the academic up to October.

Admissions are available from Nursery to Form 9. For Form 10, prior approval of the ICSE is required.

There are no reservations for any community in the school. Admission is granted subject to the application satisfying all eligibility criteria.

Yes the student has to pay for the long or short tours, camps, etc, that are arranged for students from time to time. Also the student will have to pay for the extra activity classes he/she enrolls for.

Only Marathi (Till Form 8) is compulsory. Hindi is prescribed as the second language while Marathi is prescribed as the third language compulsorily for students.

Yes. special care is been taken by our teachers to help the Form X students after the school hours.

The school has produced cent percent results in its past.

Yes, Computer studies are introduced as early as Form1 and is compulsory for all classes till Form 8. It is optional for students of Form 9 and Form 10 as other subjects (Commercial Application or Arts, Computer Application / Technical Drawing Application) are available for students to pursue.

No. Basic kit for all sports activities is provided at the school.

Yes. Singing is taught as part of co-curriculor activities during the school hours. Keyboard and Guitar classes are part of club activities.

Yes. The school is equipped with a first aid box and fire extinguishers are placed on all the floors at major locations.

Yes. The school is equipped with a first aid box and fire extinguishers are placed on all the floors at major locations.

Yes. The school provides school bus facility- Jogeshwari to Kandivali. For further enquiries contact the school office.

Major Comprehensive examinations are conducted thrice a year apart from regular class and weekly tests.

Please refer to Promotions given under school rules and regulations.
  • Promotion are granted on the basis of the whole year work of the pupil . the final examination is not a promotion examination hence the importance of regularity in attendance and work . Pupils must therefore work steadily from the beginning of the year.

  • For the purpose of promotion the pupil has to secure 355 in each subject on the average of the three comprehensive examination and the tests and internal assessments.
  • The decision of the Principal is final regarding promotion or detention and it will not be reconsidered.

  • A student who fails twice consecutively in the same class will have to leave the school.
Procedure for the prescribed procurement of books .Students can buy prescribed books from the school premises after the admission. The exact date will be informed at the time of the admission. Contact the school office.

Uniforms are made available in the school premises. For uniform details contact the school office.

As per the given instruction periodically in the school circular.